Murder Mystery Birthday Party!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I can't believe it has taken me this long to write about my birthday party! It was such a fun night and I have been wanting to share it with y'all since before I even had it!

I have had a murder mystery birthday party before, a few years ago but my stepmom planned it for me. She provided the food, sent out the character assignments and all I had to do was show up.
My friends and I had a blast and we have such great memories from that night with family and friends. Jason and I still laugh about that night because we were only dating then!

This year for my birthday, I couldn't decide what to do until I saw a Groupon for a murder mystery and I knew it was meant to be! I wasn't sure if my friends in Austin would be up for it, but they were more than into it and I was so excited!

 Our Prom King and Queen: Adam and Landen
 The band nerds: Lindsey and Blakely

 The class flirt and the nerd turned movie producer: Jaymie and Matt

 Sadly, Matt had to die

 The punk and the pom pom captain: Jason and Kasee

We had a macaroni and cheese bar! It was delicious!

 The Drama Queen and Valedictorian: Cami and Juan

 Class President and Vice President: Bart and Janssen

 The Class Jock and Head Cheerleader: Tim and Jen

 The Math Team Captain and Cheerleader: Allison and James

 This is probably my favorite photo of the night.
 Have I mentioned how much I love our friends? So fabulous!

 Showing off our costumes!

Jason was so excited to paint his head green.

Thanks for a great birthday party everyone! We had a blast!

Check out more about the decorations and food on my blog, The Apron Gal.


  1. Best party ever! It was so much fun. Thanks for all the pictures and the fun memories. And the mac and cheese, such a good idea, once again. You are the best.

  2. I cant get over how cute your parties are. I'm giving my friend a "bon voyage" brunch, and i need you to come save it! anyway, Mac and cheese bar, that's genius. And that salsa-looking stuff with the beans: I need that recipe. Glad you had such a fun party!

  3. I read the post on theaprongal first, and was wishing I could find out who was dressed as who, who the murderer was, who died, etc. And then you posted this right after! Once again, looks like the party of the century!

  4. This was the BEST! Party host extraordinaire! Someday I hope to have half the party flair you do. Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. How fun! You seriously throw the best parties. We sure miss them. I love the mac and cheese bar idea, genius! I love the costumes, what a fun night. Miss you miss Kasee!

  6. Hello Kasee and Jason,

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