My 25th Birthday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I had another great birthday this year, even if I was sick for part of it!

I got the sniffles the week of my birthday and ended up missing Thursday and Friday of work so I didn't get to celebrate at work until the next week!Although I wasn't totally recovered by Friday night, I refused to not have a fun birthday weekend!

So first, we got some dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with our friends, the Nields. I took a picture of dinner but not of anyone else, lol. It was good but not as good as Texas Roadhouse by any means (although it is basically an exact copycat).

Then we enjoyed the 3 hour drive up to my Mom's new house in Flower Mound! Did I mention she and my stepdad moved back to Texas the weekend of my birthday? Happy Birthday to me!

It was so great to see them and to have all my family in one spot now (except my stubborn brother Jay). My birthday morning, there was a neighborhood garage sale so we wandered around finding bargains and making new friends. Then we ate ourselves a fancy breakfast at McDonald's. A great birthday start!

Then Jason and I headed to Downtown Dallas for the Texas State Fair!!! I was very excited to take Jason because he had never been and I hadn't been in years. Although we sat through some traffic, we had a great day there!

 Downtown Dallas
 We rode the little car ferry thing to the entrance.
 First stop after arriving: Frito Pie, of course!

 Checking out the cars in the auto buildings!

 Then of course, we were hungry so we had to stop for a turkey leg!
 Jason's first turkey leg!
 Who do we run into in Dallas but Jason's cousin Britt! So good to see you and Sam!!
 Sadly, the day before we arrived, Big Tex burned down. There is where he would have been! But next year he is scheduled to be back, bigger than ever!

 We saw part of a cool bird show.

 We walked through this birdhouse/greenhouse place.
 Look at this awesome pumpkin carving guy!! Those things were huge!!

 So many crazy fried things this year: fried butter, fried cinnamon rolls, fried turkey legs, fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fried jambalaya, you name it they had it!!

 Amazing cheese stuffed jalapenos. So tasty!
 We rode the skytram for a great view of the fair and the city!

We had a great day at the fair! On the way home we stopped for a cake to bring home to celebrate with Mom and Don. And then I got to open presents with the birthday clown!

 All my presents from Jason! (We put them each in their own bag to go farther!)
 Jason got me some cute clothes and of course, some kitchen gadgets!
 Jason bought me a 6 month subscription to the Love with Food box. They send you samples of different foods each month and for every box you buy they donate food to those in need. Double win.
 Thanks Dad and Carol for my chili apron! I wore it when I cooked chili this week!
 I have been too cheap to buy one of these for awhile and now I will never go back!
 I already need another one!

Then on Sunday I got to have lunch with Dad and Carol before we drove back home. It was so nice to eat lunch and catch up. It was seriously a great weekend and a great birthday especially since I got to spend it with all the people I love!

 Daddy's girl
My cute decorated desk when I got back! I have such sweet co workers.
Thanks Megan, Whitney and Rach!

I went to lunch with the girls from work and from church so it was a great week!
Thanks Lindsey, Cami, Janssen, Landen, and Kristin for coming, it was so sweet of y'all to come!

Thanks everyone for helping me ring in my 25th birthday!!
 I can't believe I am a quarter of a century now!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! Looks like you had such a fun weekend. I'm so glad. And how fun that your mom has moved so much closer!

  2. What a fun weekend in Dallas! I love the fair. And your co-workers decorated your desk, you are so loved.

  3. Oh I remember going to your birthday last year!! I miss you sweet Kasee. Looks like such a great birthday, that fair looks amazing. So glad your family is all close again. Cheers to a great year ahead!!!