Austin Summer

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I showed y'all most of the big stuff we did these past few months but I feel like we had lots of fun little weekends and outings with friends.

Here are the last few glimpses of our Austin Summer! In no particular

 Famous Juan in a Million tacos. These are about $3.00 for that huge plate of egg/cheese/bacon mixture. The place isn't very nice but it was a fun Austin to do!

Then we headed to an Austin flea market where it was 1000 degrees but we did try fried oreos, fried snickers and fried cake! I wasn't really a fan of any of them but it was fun to try them!

Fried Snickers!

 We went to Barton Springs with a group of friends. It is a natural spring in Austin where the water remains at about 65 degrees year round, 
so you have to go on a day that is over 100- otherwise you will be cold!

 Of course, we had to hit up the food trucks afterwards!

The gang!

 I went to a Round Rock Express Minor League Baseball game with the girls from work. It was actually super fun, we had really close seats and I had frito pie! Yum!

 I helped my co-workers make an "Adopt Me Baby" parody video of the famous, Call Me Maybe video. We took lots of cute videos of our adoptable animals and we had a blast. We have over 25,000 views as of now! Watch it here!
Staying busy at work with lots of projects and cute animals!

Went to a 4th of July festival in Round Rock and then watched fireworks with friends:


We took our new friends Jen and Tim to the famous burger joint, HopDoddy and it was so yummy! We didn't have to wait very long and the food literally, melted in my mouth! We will definitely be going back to try different burgers. 

 Afterwards, we went to the Austin Indoor Garage Sale. I think the name is misleading because it is more like a big, reasonably priced, antique store filled with all kinds of vendors. We loved (I'm sure the girls more than the boys) walking around and checking out all the cool stuff. 
I even found a few treasures!
 We also had to get the famous Gordough's donuts!
 It was really hot and a super long wait, although it was really good,
 I was definitely ready to head home after that!

 The strawberry and cream cheese frosting donut!

Hanging out after another great Saturday! (p.s. Matt you are crazy!)

 My friend Janssen and her adorable daughter came to visit me (really the kitties) at work. It is always so fun to share what I do with others, especially the kiddos!
 The 2nd Our Best Bites cookbook came out and I was thrilled to grab it at my local Costco. 
They are my blogging idols so maybe one day that could be me! ha.

 A few weeks ago, Jason and I took a Thai Cooking Class downtown and we had a blast. Expect a blog post about it on my food blog soon!

Afterwards, we wandered around South Congress and Jason had to get his Hey Cupcake fix.
 He is a little obsessed! I got a snow cone!

 Another quintessential Austin place: Uncommon Objects. It is a fun antique type store filled with all kinds of cool items.

And finally, we joined a community garden and we are so excited! We are working on planting our Fall garden in the next week or so and we can't wait! 
 I will do another blog post in more detail once I get some more photos! 

Anyways, we are still very happy here in Austin. 
We feel so blessed to have such great friends, jobs, and fun activities all so close by.
Also, did I mention my mom and stepdad are moving back to Dallas?
 So add family to that blessings list!

We can't wait for another Austin Fall and all the adventures ahead of us!


  1. Loved this post. Juan and I had a good laugh while watching your Call Me Maybe video. The cats were hilarious, one winked! And your community garden, I'm excited to see what you grow!

  2. I finally got to see the Call Me Maybe video! Love your famous moment in the hallway. And how exciting that your mom is moving back!!!!

  3. Oh what a great post! I love hopdoddy's, there shakes are equally delicious. I am glad we made it into your blog post, even though there was no mention of us...haha. Miss you girly! We need to chat. I can't believe your mom is moving back to Dallas, happy hearts! I guess the thought of Utah is definitely out of the picture, if it ever was. :) Seeing this post makes me miss Austin and the "gang"!

  4. I'm AMAZED by how much you guys get done around here. We need to come along on some of your adventures!