Jason's Birthday!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This year for Jason's birthday I tried to do it his way. No party. Just a few close friends. And food trucks. And cupcakes. There are always cupcakes!

He did let me invite his friends to the Food Truck Hop with some cute invitations though.

So we headed off to three differetn food trucks for dinner! 1st stop: Kebabalicious. The best kebab I think I have ever had in my life and I have had many kebabs-all around the world!

 The Cavanaughs and the Craguns.

 I asked everyone to squeeze on this one bench for a photo. hehe.

Then we headed to Chi'Lantro for some delicious Korean BBQ tacos. 

 Kimchi fries. These were surprisingly good!

 The birthday boy. And Jaymie! haha. 

Then we headed to Icehaus for some famous ice cream sandwiches. These were good but a little overrated in my opinion.

 The boys
The ladies, please excuse our shiny eyes!

Thanks to all his friends for coming! We had a blast that night and we hope you did too, despite the rain and trekking around Austin, we loved it!

Then on Jason's actual birthday, we had to get the birthday clown out!

 I found this awesome Indiana Jones cake stuff but since he only wanted cupcakes
 I had nowhere to put them! There is even a lever to make the boulder roll after Indiana.

 Now he is officially a Texan!

Jason's favorite cupcakes from Hey Cupcake.

 So handsome in one of his new shirts. I got him all new clothes :)
He loved his dinosaur card from his parents! :)

I hope he enjoyed his birthday as much I did! I felt like it was a success and hopefully he felt like his 28th birthday was kicked off right!

I love you honey. Can't wait more bunches more birthdays together.


  1. This looks like the best birthday! You are such a fun wife, always going above and beyond.

  2. Such a fun birthday idea!! Happy Birthday Jason!