O a Camping We Will Go!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Last weekend, some friends invited everyone camping. I jumped at the chance! Yes, ME! I actually love to camp, I grew up camping with my dad at Indian Princesses and I always loved it. My dad and I would get to go fishing, cook around the campfire and then the men would stay up talking around the fire and the girls would go to bed and stay up talking. I have lots of great memories from those days.

When I married Jason, he loved all things outdoors-hiking, camping, fishing etc. I really do love to fish and camp but we haven't had a ton of opportunities. (although the night we met was outside at a campfire and then all of our subsequent dates were outdoors: four wheeling and camping)

Jason also got some nice camping equipment for Christmas one year so we have all we need to camp!

Anyways, we were excited to camp, even if it wasn't in the mountains (much to Jason's dismay). It was a nice site though and we had it all to ourselves!

We met up with our friends at the campsite and had a great night: eating, laughing and enjoying nice weather and great friends.

Did I mention, life is good?

We love our great friends! Thanks Craguns for inviting us to go camping!


  1. Love seeing all these pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. Matt and Jaymie look so cute, and they are cradling their plate of food like it's a little baby, haha! Thanks for all the group shots, you are awesome. But none of you and Jason? I need to be better at taking pictures for you guys too!