Utah Christmas

Monday, January 9, 2012

I  had an awesome trip in Utah since I got to arrive a few days before Jason! The best welcome I could ever get was these girls picking me up at the airport.

 Having hot chocolate!
 Silly girls!
 Love this lady :)
 This is why we are friends. I love y'all!
 Fabulous dinner with Jess at Guru's-our favorite!
 Don't judge my 2 plates...one of them is salad
 Hanging out with Caroline
Lunch at Zupa's with Caroline and Aaron. 

IT was so nice to be home with my family, just hanging out and enjoying the view.
Even if there was barely any snow while we were there!

I was also lucky enough to have my movie star brother record my first cooking video for The Apron Gal. He was awesome and we had so much fun shooting my Coconut Macaron recipe! Look for it on my blog in coming weeks. 

Christmas was great! Lots of clothes for Jason and kitchen stuff for me! But mainly it was wonderful to be with family and just hang around. We love you guys!

 Brother Jay
 Uncle John


 I didn't take nearly enough pictures as you can see but I did snag a cute one of me and my big brother! 

Merry Christmas family, We love you!


  1. Cute pictures! It was fun to see you. And I'm excited to see your video on Apron Gal!

  2. I LOVE all of those pictures of you with the girls! So fun! And, this is weird, but Caroline and Jason look like they could be brother and sister in that Zupas picture. Anyways... glad you had a great Christmas! Miss you!

  3. Can't wait to see that video on your food blog! I'm sad we didn't connect with you guys while you were here. If you come up again before June we definitely have to!! We really miss you guys lots!

  4. Your yellow coat/pink hat combination is perfection. I love that coat! And oh how this post made me miss the mountains.

  5. Looks like you had such a fun vacation! I can't wait to see this video of yours!!!