Thomas Family Christmas

Monday, January 2, 2012

We had such wonderful Christmases with families this year. First we saw the Thomas family in Utah for a mini Christmas and then again for a week after Christmas. 

Here are some pictures from our "mini Christmas":

 Our 14 month old niece, Shayla. Could she be cuter?
 She loved the bow but wasn't so interested in this present.
 She did like her bear that we got her, though!
 And this little apron to keep her clean. From her auntie, The Apron Gal. hehe
 Karen enjoyed opening presents....I think?
 Shay enjoyed climbing on presents for sure! haha
 With Uncle Jason
 Got Jedd and Karen some Texas attire! Represent!
 We love our new Bose already. We listen to music and read books.
We are very sophisticated despite what our awkward thumbs up may display to the contrary! Thanks K and J! [the originals not us]
 Shay enjoying the Christmas aftermath. lol
Reading scriptures with Daddy before bed. precious. 

Then after Christmas we spent a week in Idaho. We went shopping, saw Mission Impossible, visited Idaho Falls and ate some delicious Olive Garden, watched lots of football and basketball and just relaxed. A lot. It was wonderful, so wonderful that we didn't take one picture until our final night with the cousins. 

 Cousins Brit and Addie

Silly boys

Love these ladies! Addie and Aunt Jan

Anyways, I am so lucky to have such a great family of in-laws. I lucked out to not have 2 great families of my own but now a 3rd great one too! 
Next time we will be better at taking pictures I promise!

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  1. I love your wavy hair in the first set of pictures. And Shayla and those cheeks, she is adorable.