Where to begin?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Considering the last post I did on here was about Christmas and I now find myself in March I am a little overwhelmed at the thought of trying to fill in all the blanks. I think I will just do twenty posts and try to catch up but first here is a little preview of what has been happening!

New Year's-We celebrated in style...by ourselves...Just kidding we were with friends but didn't get any pictures with them cause we were too busy playing Snorta and eating chicken wings. haha.

Baby shower for best friend Cami, a "Books and Bows" theme, more read about it on The Apron Gal. Other best friend Stephanie and I hosted at her place, it was a blast!

Best friend Cami has baby (pictured above in belly), Jason and Kasee play Mommy & Daddy to her daughter while she is in the hospital. Jason and Kasee think Amelia is awesome! And new baby Maya isn't so bad either!

 Played Mommy for Amelia. soooo fun!

Jason loves Baby Maya.

New camera- We finally got a DSLR camera for my food blogging! Kasee's food blog, The Apron Gal, also joins Foodbuzz advertising network :)

We go bowling with our friends, The Smiths, because they are awesome. Discover our new favorite bowling alley with couches and food and no kids! Very fun. Did I mention they have brownie sundaes and lots of TV screens with sports, too?

My grandfather, Paw Paw, passes away. He has been sick for some time and although I will miss him dearly I know he is with His father in Heaven and at peace. Although a sad occasion to go home, it was wonderful to see family even for a short time. 

 We love you Paw Paw. 

I got a job! I am now the full time Database Coordinator for the Austin Humane Society. I love it! I get to do nonprofit work and get to not only help cute dogs and cats every day but sometimes they even hang out with me in my office. It was an answer to prayer and a perfect fit for me. 

For Valentine's Day we went to see Wicked with Juan and Cami and we loved it! We went to an amazing dinner beforehand and Jason and I loved the thought provoking storyline of Wicked.

Not pictured:
  • Weekly Bachelor watching parties with friends
  • Jason's first rotation at Dell ending this week: That means we have been in Texas for 6 months!
  • Jason and I have been married for over 2.5 years...woah!
  • Andrea and I took a photography class together and it was very helpful!
  • Jason's sister just had twin babies: Quinn & John. So beautiful and so happy for them!
  • Kasee is Young Women Secretary and loving it. 
  • Jason just had his program's Global Conference last week so that was fun for him. 
  • Julie Beck came to speak to the Austin Stake Relief Society and Young Women, which was very cool to hear from her so close up and in Texas!
  • Just living life, both working and trying to stay on top of things and still have enough time to play with friends.
Overall we are busy but happy and just enjoying the ride! 
More details and photos to come on all of these events but 
I wanted to write them down before I forgot! 


  1. So much stuff! At least you weren't absent from blogging because life was boring. I love the picture of you at work with the cutest dog. What a job! And you are looking so young and skinny in the bowling picture. And 6 months in Texas already!

  2. That is an impressive summary! Reading through it, my thought was..."We have the same life!" It's been a fun few months. Glad you're here! (Though I miss you and miss hanging out with you during the day.)