Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Texas just go together to me. Lots of good food, family and perfect fall weather. Not to mention smoking the turkey, fall leaves and mule rides. 

Jason and I drove up to Dallas on Tuesday night and after sitting in 5 hours of traffic, arrived safely, albeit tired. 

Wednesday we ate some delicious Mexican food, smoked the turkey and just hung around before prepping for Thanksgiving. 

 This is why I love my brother. And my handsome hubby.

Gorgeous Sunsets and perfect fall weather!

We had a great Thanksgiving meal and it was so fun to catch up with family. 
I only got pictures of half of the attendees but of all the kiddos, hehe.

 Grandpa Wes and Emma
 Grandpa Wes, Emma and Grammy C

 Is this the sweetest picture you have ever seen? MeeMaw and Baby Broxton
 Lawson with Baby Broxton
 Grammy C, Amber and Emma
 Can you see the resemblance???
Jay and Kimmy. They both provide lots of entertainment :)

We even hit up Target on Black Friday and it wasn't too crazy!! 
Lawson had fun in the toy aisle.

 O and Dave let Jason drive the Corvette! Thanks Dave!
It was quite a ride! Jason definitely wants one now...

We had a great Thanksgiving trip and it was so wonderful to see such great friends and family. We are thankful for all of our loved ones at this time of year. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. So many beautiful pictures! The smoked turkey looks amazing. How terrible to be stuck in traffic for 5 hours! Your family looks like so much fun.