Mildly Unusual

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you know that Austin's motto is "Keep Austin Weird?" Well, it is, and Austins are very proud of that. We live about 15 miles north of Austin in Round Rock aka the suburbs/Dell Land. Did you know that Round Rock's unofficial motto is "Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual?"

just a little FYI. haha. We suburbanites are so witty. 

The past week or so we have really been exploring our city, Round Rock for some good food!

Friday night we headed to Moonie's for some delicious burgers. Jason got a guacamole bacon burger and I got the western with BBQ sauce, bacon and the essential onion ring. They were delish and I loved their fries. We had a blast with Juan, Cami and Amelia. And even with Steph and Cam playing Apples to Apples after. 

 Western Burger. yum.
 Amelia loved her hands as much as we loved burgers.
 Juan being awkward
 This is us having so much fun. haha.

We are serisouly so lucky to have made such amazing friends here in Round Rock!

We even recorded this little video while we were here. Probably no one else thinks it funny, but we were being ridiculous and Amelia thought it was hilarious so at least she is cute! 

Then the next morning we went for Round Rock Donuts. Yes, I know, we are obviously on a health kick as this post proves.

Round Rock donuts are famous for being delicious and its "Texas Sized Donuts." Apparently Man vs. Food has also stopped by. 

 It opens at 4 in the mornings and closes at 6pm and I think there is always a line to get in.

 Eating donuts outside. Please excuse my tired face!
There she is ladies and gentlemen, the Texas donut.

Then that night after eating lots of veggies [ha] we went to Freddy's for custard. I know this isn't just in Round Rock but we hadn't been. Jason was skeptical because he thought custard was pudding [so naive] but we loved it!! The custard is thick and so creamy. They only have vanilla and chooclate but then you get cool combintaionts like my brownie sundae and Jason got a turtle sundae. We both devoured ours in minutes. We recommend them!!

And finally, last night we went out for Thai food with Jason's "class" for one of hte girls birthdays. The food was great and it was fun to meet people from work. The only pictures I managed to snag were of Amelia and my yummy sushi. 

 One day I will get a picture of her smiling, until then I will settle for these hilarious yet equally cute faces.

So we are enjoying our 70 degree weather and gearing up for the holidays around here.
Jason survived his first quarter end at Dell and
I had an interview this week so we will see what lies on the horizon!

yay for Round Rock. yay for Texas. yay for Food.


  1. making a mental list of all the places i want to visit when we make it to texas. gigantic donuts, please.

  2. Mmmm I miss texas food. So many g ood places. Have you tried salt lick? I liked that in austin round rock. Same with torchies. Glad to hear you guys are loving it.

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