Passion In All Things...or at least trying

Friday, November 4, 2011

You may or may not have noticed yesterday that I changed our banner and added a new tagline as well.

Awhile ago, I renamed our blog, "Passion in All Things." I wanted to show how wonderful life is but also that no matter what you are doing you should have passion for it and that doing things in life half-way just aren't worth it.

I still stand by this mantra. More than ever actually. Since then I have only developed my love of food and baking more and my food blog is the best its ever been [even if it has a long way to go.]

On that same note, I am still married to the most wonderful man. We love each other more and more each day-which 3 years ago, I would never have predicted. Aren't you supposed to be the most in love when you are dating, engaged or newlyweds? They never tell you how your love only grows and gets deeper and more complex over time. I love it.

On a different note though, our lives are nowhere near perfect. Don't get me wrong-life is great. I know that Texas is where we are supposed to be. I am SO grateful for all the amazing friends we have here, they have definitely made the transition so much easier and so much more fun. We love the weather, the food, our ward and our apartment. We are very blessed.

But Jason is working a lot and he is at times feeling overwhelmed with the stress, expectations and pressure of a new job.

Not to mention that I have way too much time on my hands since I am still gainfully unemployed and home all day.

Did  I mention Jason's sister is pregnant with twins and who knows when we will meet those cuties? Or that both of our adorable nieces are getting bigger and cuter and we are missing them like crazy??

I have been called at church to work with the youth-specifically the young girls from age 12 to 18. It has definitely been a learning experience working with them-they are not only sponges about everything but they are in such teenage angst about everything. Drama drama. Not to mention they think their parents are dictators and want them to have NO fun. Little do they know how wonderful their parents are or how much they will miss them one day.

Anyways, I don't know if you are getting the gist of this post or not.

Life here isn't perfect by any means, but we are doing our best. We grow and learn each and every day. Jason may fall asleep at 9:30 since he is so exhausted from work but I don't love him any less for it. I may be home all day and not get one thing done and he doesn't love me any less either.

Life is beautiful. Life is crazy. I think it's all about perspective. Cherish what you have. Try your best to be passionate but don't fret on those days when all you want to do is cry, scream or sleep away your worries.

We are still figuring out this thing called life but we are enjoying the ride.

At a recent Dell happy hour 


  1. Love this post... It just captures life perfectly. Keep being passionate and learning and growing, life is too short to do anything else :)

  2. Amen sister. Life isn't always perfect, but we can sure try our best. You guys are doing what you should, and you will make it through this "rough patch." I know it. :)

  3. LOVE this. It is so true. And we'll have to figure out some way for you guys to see those twins! =)

  4. i'm with the young women too! they're a handful, but they are so much fun when they realize you love them and LIKE them too!

  5. Love this post. Its refreshing when people are REAL on their blogs :) Good luck finding a job and can I just say how happy I am that you are living in Texas? Hopefully things calm down for Jason soon! Love and miss you Kasee!