Thursday, November 3, 2011

We had a great Halloween with friends this year both at the ward "Fall Festival/ Trunk or Treat" and by having a party at our new place!

We thought we were pretty creative this year going as a cop and an inmate:

 I have no idea why I am grinning like an idiot here. 

 The Farmers: Steph and Cameron [see their little chicken below]
 The honey bear and Flower: Juan and Camie [see their bee below!]
 Matt and Andrea
 Cutest bee ever- Miss Amelia
Cute mommy and baby chick!

Then for our party we had dinner and treats! We had taco soup with cornbread for dinner along with veggies, spinach dip, and mini weenies. Then for dessert we had carrot cupcakes, caramel apples deluxe and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I would say it was a success!

 Spooky Dessert Bar

Caramel Apples! Oreo, Snickers, Monster, Butterfinger, Reese's etc. 

 I like this picture, I think its spooky!

 Costume change to pumpkin, farmer and cat!
 Steve Job zombie and a Witch!
 Amelia wore her cute Halloween PJ's to the party. 
No smile here but clear. 
 Great smile but a little blurry!
 Jazz fans and a skeleton baby! Lindsey, Blakely and Baby Charlie
 Social Media: Mark Zuckerberg & Twitter! James and Alison
Boys hanging out

Anyhoo. We had a great weekend! It was all treats and no tricks! 
So glad we have such a great ward and friends here in Round Rock. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. you guys through great parties. i really want to make caramel apples.

  2. I just stole a lot of these pictures so that I can remember your fun party! It was the best, my favorite was the cobwebbed dessert table. You definitely know how to go all out.

  3. we miss your parties! glad to hear you had a happy weekend. can't wait to read about the next one!

  4. Those caramel apples were FANTASTIC.

  5. did you know alison owen before? i am friends with her from freshman year! love her!!