It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We have had such an amazing holiday season in Round Rock. It seems like we have had a holiday event every day!

First we had a Ward Christmas Party where I helped the Primary kids make Christmas cards so I didn't really get any pictures. 

Then we went to Blakely and Lindsey's for a "Gingerbread Showdown."

 Ours was the "Best Overall"- it is our apartment complex, complete with little families and all!

 Juan and Cami made this sweet Hunchback and Bell Tower. They won "Most original"

 The chaos from 16 people making houses. haha. 
 How cute is this family photo of Jannsen, Bart, and their little girl?

 Andrea and Matt. :)

 Steph, Cameron and Andy with their Provo Temple gingerbread house. 

With Alison :)

Then on Tuesday, I took Jason to a UT Basketball game as part of his Christmas present. 
It was kind of a quiet game since it was during UT finals week but we still had fun! 

Did I mention I was also crafty and made this Christmas wreath?
 I was pretty proud of myself!

That's it for now! More Christmas festivity photos to come! 


  1. Kasee? Jannsen? Steph? Looks like round rock attracts my friends! Do you all live in the same complex? Crazy!

  2. So many fun things! And now it is slowing down with all of you out of town. But we're still going to party it up with our small group!

  3. Every so often I check your blog (from the link on Dave's) and I realized that I just sent a Christmas card to Round Rock! I have no idea how big your town is, but if you ever see Joseph or Sarah Fluckiger, tell them the Whitaker's say hi!