Our Home

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Without further ado....our new little home in Austin.

Our living room with new and improved picture wall. I like being able to see these photos more often in our living room now. They add some color to the room too!

 Still need to change out some photos [less wedding and more friends/family]
but a lot of those were already printed.  

 Other parts of living room

 Our little BYU shrine!

The kitchen. I love how open it is and there is tons of counter space. What a dream!

Did I mention I have an entire food blog area? It works like a dream! This was seriously one of the biggest sellers of this apartment to me. It is so nice to have a designated blog space and a place to keep things!

Dining Room
Our bedroom.

It is kind of our Tuscan getaway now! I love that giant mirror that we stole from my parents' house.
Thanks Dad and Carol!

This is our makeshift dresser. We already had this cube thing and we didn't want to spend any more money on furniture so we just bought these bins and use them. They actually are super practical even if they don't look awesome. One day we will buy a new dresser but for now this works great!

Another of my favorite things. All the room for my accessories! Did I mention I get the whole dresser, this jewelry armoire and THE WHOLE closet? We aren't allowed to have any kids soon since Jason wouldn't have anywhere to keep his clothes then. ha.

Our bathroom with a "garden tub" 

Finally, the GUEST BEDROOM/OFFICE for all our future guests!!

This bed is all made and ready for YOU to come visit! Not to mention you get your own bathroom and TV/computer combo! Plan your trip soon before we book up!

 Our full but functional office. I sit there every day so its nice to have all that stuff. haha.

This bathroom is much bigger than ours but I guess closets were more important to me than bathrooms. 

Well that's it folks! I should take pictures of our complex one day, its nice and we even have a little balcony.
Anyhoo, we are very happy here and have lots of great new friends but that doesn't mean we don't want to see old friends! Or family! 

Let us know if you decide to make a reservation with us. :)


  1. you guys are in fancyland. love it.

  2. Your place looks so wonderful! How did you set up your little food blogger picture thing? What is that white background thing you use? I need one? Also, did you buy a light or what do you use?

    PS. We dont have a dresser either. We use a book shelf. HAH

  3. Wow I love your kitchen. Look at all the counter space! And of course you decorated every other part of the apartment very nicely. Yay!

  4. Love the new place, glad you posted pictures! Your kitchen looks fantastic! We miss you guys and wish we could come stay in your guest room :) maybe someday!

  5. your new home looks great! it's fun to check in on you through your blog, every now and then. so glad that cory met such great friends as you in his BYU days! take care! love from the renshaw's xo

  6. Um hello! So cute! I love the wrought (sp?) iron bed!! Is it new? Also, the mirror is to die for!