Pecan Street Festival

Monday, October 3, 2011

Last weekend we went to the Pecan Street Festival in Austin.

Before they changed the street names to numbers in Austin they were first all tree streets. So this festival was actually on 6th street but as on homage to the past they call it "Pecan Street Festival."

All the couples from our complex were there but it was hard to stay together since it was so crowded!

We had lots of fun looking at vendors, eating gyros and ALLIGATOR on a stick!

It was HOTT but we were glad we went! Here are a few fun pictures I managed to snag:

 Lindsey and Blakely! They are awesome. She had her baby on Friday! So exciting!

 Jason Thomas = famous
 Taking my dad here whenever he comes to visit!
 This is where we go the alligator from!
My favorite gal Steph. We liked this blinged out longhorn. 

It was a fun day!

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