Monday, September 19, 2011


We did it. 

We survived:
  • BYU
  • Graduation
  • Europe
  • Living with parents
  • Road trips
  • Doubts/concerns
  • Impatience
All so we could end up here:
That's right folks....We now live in Austin, TEXAS! Or rather 15 minutes north in Round Rock Texas!

Sorry our previous blogging has been sporadic but we are finally settled and so happy about it!

We have been in Round Rock for just over 2 weeks and are finally all moved in, have friends, a ward, 1 new job and lots of adventures ahead of us!

I will post pictures of our new apartment next but here are some pictures from our first trip to downtown Austin. 

  We went to the State Capitol which is pink if you can't tell!

 Ate some delicious food and met nice people at Jackalope!
 Jason rides the Jackalope.
Please pardon the profanity on that...

 We watched the bats come out downtown from the Austin "must do"
 Wandered around the famous 6th street and just soaked up our new home!

So far we love:
  • Jason's 3 minute commute to and from work
  • The other 8 BYU couples that live in our same apartment complex
  • Not needing to buy any furniture or decorations for our apartment
  • Going to the pool with friends
  • A great ward that's close by
  • Jason's program at Dell that is going to be great
So things are good! I am currently looking for a job so hopefully I will find something relatively soon but we are just soaking up finally being settled somewhere and looking forward to our new life here in Texas. 
We are stoked.

Did I mention we have a fully equipped guest bedroom? Any takers? [photos to come just in case you don't believe me!]

Love Y'ALL.

Kasee & Jason


  1. Yay, love the update! So glad you guys are settled and starting "real life!" Keep us posted on everything :)

    PS- Its killing me that we are both in Texas right now but on opposite sides!

  2. I guess we definitely have to try Jackalope, that sandwich looks delicious. You guys are so photogenic!