Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lately we have been doing all sorts of things. Here is a little recap. 

We had the privilege of attending dinner in Park City with the fabulous Veater family. We had both amazing company and amazing food: 

We also got to attend a BYU basketball with "Jimmer." It was quite a show and so fun to see all the hype! It even included the amazing old ladies dancing during half time and a crazy light show at the beginning! 

Last Saturday we headed up to Salt Lake since I had some training for an event I was working for my Event Planning class. We stopped by the little French bakery in the Grand America hotel. We had some cute cupcakes [which actually weren't good at all]. Perhaps next time we will try the macaroons! 

Way too many cute things!

Then we headed to Temple Square. We were able to go to the Salt Lake Temple! It was amazing, such a beautiful temple and such a unique experience. I seriously loved it and if you haven't done a session there before, you must! The temple is so beautiful and its so amazing to see how much hard work the pioneers put into that sacred building. 

After the temple we went to the Church History and Art Museum. They have lots of pioneer artifacts and cool things from presidents of the church. They also have a children's exhibit featuring drawings/painting from kids in the church called "The Gospel blesses my life." 

They were all so sweet and it was so cool to see the different areas that kids found blessed their lives: missionary work, the gospel, family, temples etc. Here are a few of my favorite pieces, some funny, some quite talented and then a few pieces of art from his and hers truly. 

Baby blessing. A little creepy but so cute. 

Check out the thought bubble:

Kids say the darndest things. 

I think a Japanese kid did this. Isn't it amazing?

And finally....we drew each other on this electronic drawing pad. Here are our creations:
This is Jason, by me. 

Apparently I am a missionary? haha. Jason is very talented. 

Anyways, we have been soaking up time in Provo & Salt Lake and loving every minute.

To come: Rex Lee Run, adventures with Flat Stanley, and loads more fun stuff. 

Did I mention we graduate in less than 6 weeks. 

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