Battle of the Sexes

Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday we had a little gathering of friends for a game night. 
Jason and I prepared a nice spread with an international theme:

 American? Cheeseball
 Mexican Pico de Gallo
 Middle Eastern hummus. Recipe here
 American pie. 
 French chocolate croissants. Recipe here
Italian bruschetta.

Caroline also brought a delicious Italian chocolate cake. She said the secret is adding ricotta to the cake batter. It was out of this world!

It was so good to have our favorite people around! Jason was particulary happy to have some men around. See them all gathered around an iphone watching basketball?

Fine by me. I was busy taking photos with my lovely married friends, reminiscing of single days when we were roommates and wishing we could be married to our husbands AND still be roommates. I am still working on a solution to that....

Here is the actual game: Battle of the Sexes. It gets heated. For those of you who don't know...the men ask the women questions about manly things and vice versa. It is very interesting and funny. We had a blast, even if I was upset at the end. haha. 

We love our friends! Thanks for coming!
 O wow. 
 Cody, Cory & Emily
 Jenn & Lasse. Never a dull moment with these two!
Steve + Jess.

 Aaron & Caroline. The Newlyweds. There's the delicious cake too!
Someday I will look good at my own party....haha


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