Thanks Mr. Washington

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I would like to thank President George Washington for having a birthday this past Monday. It allowed Jason and I to spend a nice long weekend in Pocatello. hooray! 

We arrived Friday night to homemade Mac and Cheese. And all these cute pictures. I loved this and I thought the other Thomas children might like to see how well loved they are. 

How cute are these frames and the cute kids in them? Loved them Karen :)

Saturday morning we headed to Rexburg to see Derick and Claire's new baby: Miss Elsie Ruth Jones. 

 It was wonderful to see them and we are so excited for them! Elsie was so cute and sweet and we are so happy she is here! 
 We also got to see the new Rexburg temple. It was quite lovely in the snow. 

 It was cold there but I was happy. See?

 Then we had Arctic Circle for lunch. Did you know they invented fry sauce? They have the best fries and fry sauce. yum!

 After lots of movies, treats, and lounging around we played games with cousins and then we finally made it to El Herradero for the best Mexican food in Pocatello! Look at all these great people we love! 

 I strongly recommend the flauta and taco combo. yum. 
 Look how cute Max and Taggart are! 
 Maren and Chris. Love flows! 
 After Mexican food we had some famous Farr's ice cream. See that cup of yummy ice cream? Only $1. Amazing!

Jason finally got his belt to match his boots so he can alternate between his Texas and Idaho belt buckles. Look at that handsome cowboy!

Anyhoo, we had the perfect weekend with family and friends. We really do love Idaho. Thanks Karen and Jedd we love you!

I wish some more 3 day weekends were coming up.....darn.


  1. so yesterday chris says "you don't seem to be as homesick as you usually are" and i say "no, i've been doing pretty good actually"

    thanks for spoiling my good-ness.

    glad you had fun :) fun to see you guys via the webcam.

  2. I also just got a tinge of homesickness. Miss you family! (and Herradero)