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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine took me out on Saturday night. I have to say I do enjoy the surprise of holidays and the suspense beforehand. I just knew I had to dress up and come hungry!

I was greeted by some beautiful red roses when I came home and. . .  a little black box.
The little black box contained a gorgeous pearl and bead bracelet that Jason picked out all by himself and I LOVE IT!

Then Jason drove around in a few circles before we arrived here.
This is what it looked liked as we pulled up:

The Chef's Table. Only the most delicious and nicest restaurant in all of Utah. 
[Literally, ranked Best of State for all of Utah.]

My husband spoils me so. 

Let me tell you about The Chef's Table.
Walk in, they take your coat. 
There is a man playing the piano all night.
They bring you a stuffed mushroom when you sit down.
Then delicious asiago cheese rolls. 

Then we ordered Coconut Shrimp that came with an apricot sauce that was to die for. 

  Then we had salads with a really nice vinaigrette

Then Jason had the beef wellington: [the next pictures are dark, sorry!]

Then I had Chicken with sun dried tomato risotto and crispy fennel. 

That was seriously the best meal of my life. So relaxing and nice to just be with Jason.

 Why can no one take a normal picture these days? Seriously girl, your hand was over the flash!

 My valentine!

Then we headed off to BYU to see the ballet, Cinderella.

It was wonderful. The perfect Valentine's event. 

Then we went home and ate chocolates and Martenellis. What a dream.

Also tomorrow is 1.5 years of marriage for us. 

Love you honey! Thanks for a great night and a great year and a half! 

Can't wait for the next 36939382389002021 days to come.

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