Flat Stanley

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This weekend we had a special visitor.
His name is Flat Stanley. 

For those of you who don't know him, let me explain. 
Flat Stanley is a character from a book that became famous as teachers around the US began this project with their students. The students usually aged 1st -3rd grade make a Flat Stanley cutout and then send him to people around the US to have adventures. The person writes about the adventure and the goal is to encourage literacy as the children read what Stanley did and write letters back as well.

 Flat Stanley has met President Bush 
He even went to the Oscars with Clint Eastwood. 

Anyhoo, my niece Addyson, sent us Flat Stanley and we promised to show him a  good time right here in Utah.

We showed him around BYU first. He really liked it. He said he wants to go here when he grows up. 

 He really liked BYU creamery ice cream and he loved going to class with Jason.

Then we took him to Sundance. It was cold but he really liked it!

 Since Flat Stanley came all the way from Corsicana, Texas  he had never seen so much snow! 
He was amazed!

 He even rode the chairlift at Sundance. Lucky kid!

Most importantly though, he loved hanging out with Aunt Kasee and Uncle Jason. 

After all, Aunt Kasee did make him some sweet ski clothes to go back to Texas in. 
Check out her mad sewing skills:

Sadly, you can't see the sweet pom pom on top of his hat. o well. 

Thanks for visiting Stanley! Come back and visit anytime!

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