Grown Ups

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can't help but talk about graduation every day these days. All of our current and future plans revolve around that one day.

April 22

The day that my husband and I graduate from college.
The day we become grown ups.

Honestly, we have been pretty grown up for awhile now: bills, major life decisions, trials etc.

But I know that this is the mark of a new chapter, usually considered the transition to being a grown up out there in the big scary world.

Now, you and I know differently.
That no one can make you grow up.
No one can prevent you from staying up all night watching Psych. No one can prevent you from getting frozen yogurt every other day. No one can make you stop giggling or tickling or being ridiculous just because you are becoming a so called "grown up."

And I am glad of that. I am glad that although we are quickly approaching this new chapter, that Jason is still Jason and I am still me.

Sure, lots of new adventures, trials and discoveries are nearing on the horizon but I am still trying to enjoy the here and now.

I am still soaking up seeing the gorgeous mountains as I walk around campus. I will miss those.
I am still soaking up every possible girls' night because I will miss those ladies.
I am still soaking up:

my job
my friends
my education
my memories in the place that brought me:

best friends
the love of my life
a knowledge of who i am
desires for the future in the world & in the home
finally appreciating my parents and family
fears about all the things in the world I can't change
but hope for all the things that I can change.

I am ready for the next step.
But I am not ready to leave behind all that I have found here.
No moving, no graduation and no "being a grown up" can take all this away from me.

Thanks BYU for bringing me all this joy in my life. My time here will never be forgotten.


  1. SO true! BYU is a wonderful place. Congratulations on a new chapter of life!

  2. i miss byu so much, but i think there comes a time when you kind of . . . . "outgrow" it, for lack of a better word. when you're ready to go to the 'real world'. hope your graduation goes great! i'm happy for you guys!

  3. loved your post kasee! i have learned to appreciate the quote "these are the good old days" (as seen on our kitchen wall), because truly, no matter what stage of life we're in, we should enjoy all the things that time of life has to offer, and "enjoy the journey" along the way! you and jason are awesome, and i'm so glad that cory is one of the friends you guys met during your BYU stay! i'm excited for you two and your new adventures ahead. keep in touch with the renshaw's, and know that you are always welcome if ever you're in our neck of the woods.
    love from "momma renshaw"