Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am antsy!
I am antsy to be done with school stuff so Jason and I can do all the fun things we have on our list left to do in Provo!

Upcoming plans:
-downtown Springville/Spanish Fork date [sounds lame but it will be great]
-Conference with Mom & Don [includes organizing old pictures which is always entertaining.]
-Girls night during conference. Happy Sumo?! yum!
-Sammy's date [groupon half off!]
-Spark. I will get there before I leave no matter what. 
-Graduation Party, Texas themed. Can't wait to show my friends the joys of Texas favorites.
-Dance showcase with Mom 

and that's just the half of it! 

We did have a good weekend with family up in Idaho. I took only 3 pictures all of which included our darling niece, Shay. We enjoyed lounging, Mexican food and entertaining baby time. Good times. 

 Matching uncle & niece

Tell me she isn't so adorable? 
We call her a cabbage patch doll because she is so cute when she moves it doesn't seem real!

We also had an In & Out date the other night. Here's the proof. 
 Jason wore this shirt when we were first dating and it always gives me butterflies 
since it goes so well with his blue eyes. sigh. 

Enjoy your week! 

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  1. oh man our favorite restaurant in Spanish Fork is Prestwich Farms. it's almost into the canyon, it always has old people in there so we love it, but the food is SO GOOD!