New Beginnings

Monday, January 17, 2011

Since it is a new year, I am feeling very refreshed.
I see this year as a year filled with potential. 

As of today, Jason and I have been married almost a year and a half. 
That is crazy.
Crazy wonderful. 

This year we are:
eating healthier.
moving to Texas. 
going to Europe. 
leaving college behind.
and friends. 
and memories.

But we are excited to make new memories! 
We are excited for new jobs and a new city! 

I also want to start a few new things on this blog. 

I will be sharing my spiritual thoughts from church or just from life 
that I find particularly inspiring.

Here is today's: 
I feel that is particularly poignant as I am excited for a fresh new year. 

And one day a week, I will be sharing stories from our life together or from each of our own experiences. I hope this is a fun way to get to know us better and for us to write down great experiences for ourselves and posterity.

Happy 2011! Don't look back!

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