Home Again

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

 Sorry I am still posting on the holidays but I have been trying to catch up! Plus there was no way I was passing by posting on our fabulous Christmas/ New Year's trip to Texas. This was Jason's first REAL trip to Texas. He had been a few times before for only a couple of days [and loved it] but this was his initiation. First, Dad and Carol gifted Jason some boots for Christmas. But of course, every man has to choose boots for himself. So we all drove out to Justin, Texas to get him the real deal. 
As you can see there were just a few to choose from!
O what joy.

Male bonding. My dad is an ostrich man. Jason was still undecided at this point.

square toe? round toe? techno crepe? kangaroo? elephant? calf? lizard? ostrich?
 We also got to spend a few days of quality time with my niece Addyson and my nephew, Lawson. They are a handful but lots of fun. We had some great times with them!
I had to take a picture with George Strait. I love it. This is my niece Addy.

This might be my favorite picture ever taken. Two of my favorite men. [Both wearing boots might I add]
 We played games with the family and just got to relax. Jason loves Texas and our time here made us even more excited to move to Austin. We can't wait for all the good Tex-Mex, barbeque, Texas sunsets & thunderstorms and annual boot shopping.
Addy and I got matching pajamas!

We baked cookies. How cute is Lawson in his little Woody tee?

Aunt Kasee may or may not have overloaded the bathtub with bubbles. They didn't seem to mind though!


cute cute cute
Jay and I got Dad an MRE, meal ready to eat, like they have in the army. Beef stew. He made everybody try it. Let's just say I hope we never have to live off of those things!
Jay got me a photography book so Jason had to be my model. pretty good looking model if I do say so myself! Jay got us the best gifts! We definitely had an amazing Christmas this year (all 3!)
Such a handsome model.
our neighbors backyard. there is a different kind of beauty in Texas. you learn to appreciate it.

We went to the annual New Year's Party with all of D & C's friends. fun fun.

There is quite a story here if you ever want to hear it :)

Happy New  Year! Thanks for a fabulous vacation! Love you family!


  1. sometimes i think i shouldn't have had such a fun holiday cuz now it's january is really tough.

    jason's boots are awsome! thanks wes

  2. I love your hair color! Great pictures.. I'm glad you guys had fun in Texas!