Idaho for Christmas

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Well I am severely behind in my blogging and the longer I wait the more things happen and the harder it is to post so I better get crackin'!

Here is a little recap of our wonderful Christmas trip to Idaho, my first with the Thomas family, might I add.

We had a great time with our nieces:

We enjoyed this, even if Carly did not. poor thing.

Jason and I put this kitchen together for Carly. it was sooo fun. all 200 pieces. ha.

loving the ponytail

how cute is she?

Uncle Jason with Baby Shay. precious.

Playing games with shmarly

don't those eyes make you melt? we were pretty good friends :)

she loves the scriptures.

all dressed up for church! shoe socks too! sooo cute!
I guess we did a few other things than stare and play with those cuties:

Decorated the tree.

Carly helped
This ornament is from when Jason was on his mission. tres cute.

Sat around looking pretty [3 generations, cool, right?]

Made homemade Christmas gifts..and talked to that handsome missionary (right corner) on the phone!

Made cute headbands and hair do dads with the ladies

got new cute pajamas

read the Polar Express & the Christmas story from Luke

enjoyed all the family around us.

Finally, we had Christmas!
Santa, Jason and Karen & Jedd brought me fun and pretty kitchen things!

Jason got a belt for his belt buckles.

Karen also handmade & handpainted each child a birthday clown. Remember the clown references every birthday? Well now we have the birthday clown so Jason cannot complain anymore! Thanks Karen :)

I guess all the present opening and fun wore the boys out. cute.
We had a wonderful time with the family! It was such a good trip and so fun for me to learn all the Thomas traditions!

We did manage to get one family shot (sans Brady of course):
What a bunch! Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks like you really had fun hanging out with the new family! I love your new jammies :) You guys are just adorable! I checked out the rocky road chocolates you made on your other blog, and can I say...OH YEA-YAH! I didn't get enough holiday treats this year :( I'm going to have to make up for it on my b-day in Feb!

    Take care!
    p.s. Thanks for the comment on my blog a while back! It's cool we both went to the VIRGIN river casino....except we just stayed in the parking lot :) Don't be a stranger! And become a "follower" for crying out loud! :) LOL!

  2. oh! i loved seeing you guys over christmas! brit and i are already making plans to come down and visit you two sometime soon! i hope everything is going great! miss you guys already!