Date Night

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am behind on blogging. I seem to lack the motivation necessary lately to maintain this but I did want to talk about my great date with my husband last Friday. 

He asked me about two weeks ago with a cute note involving checking boxes and all instructions to a secret date. I like secrets so it was great but also driving me crazy for 2 weeks!

But Friday night came and I got dressed up and we head to the BYU Museum of Art Carl Bloch exhibit. [For those of you who don't know I came to BYU wanting to be an art history major so I love art] We each rented an Ipad (cool!) and looked at all of the beautiful paintings of Christ in the exhibit. This one was my particular favorite. A very different interperetation of a beautiful theme. 

This doesn't do it even remote justice but I still wanted to share it with you since I found it so moving. 

Then we headed to the Riverwoods for a gorgeous meal at La Jolla Groves. 
But before we could go there we had to stop by our favorite store: Blickenstaff's.
It is an old time toy store that is way too much fun, even for adults!

 We always have fun playing with the toys and remembering our favorites from when we were little.

 Loved these cute aprons for little girls
 yes, this picture is awkward but I had to prove I was there. next to the baby dolls. ha.
 Did I mention the walls of candy? We bought some for dessert after dinner, it was fun.

These are some of my favorites, by looks, not taste.

Then we headed off to the very classy and lovely La Jolla Groves. If you live in the Provo area, this is a must! The service was amazing! They also have meals that use the freshest, local, and seasonal ingredients. They try to create less fat filled meals that are still delicious. If those healthy words scare you off, don't worry you won't notice how healthy it is, only how delicious!

 The restaurant literally has huge lemon trees in the restaurant. And they have a fresh bakery with beautiful breads and pastries.

We ordered the bruschetta to start. Good, not outstanding though.
Points for presentation though.

 Jason ordered the chicken crepe. Delish. Again, pictures don't do this food justice.
 Angel hair pasta with roasted tomatoes, spinach and shrimp in a light sauce with citrus undertones. 
O my wow this was amazing.

 The perfect date. Thanks dear.
 Just wanted to show my cute new shirt. Thanks Ross.
Nothing makes me feel better on a date than my boots!

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