Things to Come

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am starting to get excited for the new things in our lives that will be coming soon!

No more homework? Yes, please. 

 Some of our final moves.
One to Texas and then one to Austin. That's it for awhile folks. 

France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Morocco? 
I think so! 
Museums, cafes, camel rides and amazing food? Count me in!

Jason has been planning such great dates lately. Y-Ball this Saturday that we helped plan. 
Then Valentine's day next weekend. yay for getting gussied up and going out!

Moving away from cold weather. 
I know I will hate the hot when it comes, but man am I tired of huge coats & freezing hands & toes. 

Soaking up Provo.
We are trying to see all of our friends, family and favorite places before we leave. 
Including: Super Bowl parties, girls' nights, Idaho trips, dinner dates.

Jason's job already seems like a good fit for him [even if it doesn't start for awhile]- I think it will be great to see him excel there and really like it. I am also getting really excited for a full time position and new opportunities. I am doing my 2nd nonprofit internship right now and this summer I get to be on the ground floor of a new nonprofit in Texas. 
I will give more info about this as it comes.

Don't get me wrong, some days I am overwhelmed, cranky and pessimistic, but overall I am so grateful for all that I have. I have loved every minute at BYU and all of the wonderful friends I have made here. I have learned so much and feel aptly prepared to enter the world. Not to mention meeting the love of my life here. 

I am excited for Austin, our first house, our first big trip, new jobs, new friends 
and all of the new great things that await us. 

Watch out world!


  1. So many fun things to look forward too! I'm excited for you guys!!