Monday, October 18, 2010

It's something that has been on my mind lately.
What is life without it?

I would consider myself to be a passionate person. I think it's 50% my parents and 50% just me. My dad and Carol didn't raised me to eat mediocre food. They didn't raise me to only do average. They didn't raise me to learn Spanish only in school. They encouraged a passion for all things in life. They themselves exhibit passion in all they do. My dad has a passion for finance, knowledge, storytelling, cooking, and do it yourself projects. My stepmom has a passion for parties, accounting, making memories, decadent treats, and bargain hunting. They instill in me [and anyone around them] a passion for life.

As life gets busier and busier our passions seem to fall by the wayside. 
But I am telling you that other than 1. the gospel 2. love and 3. family and friends, they are the secret to life. 

If you get up everyday and don't have something that you are itching to do, then you are missing out on some of the best feelings in life.

I first thought of this topic a few weeks ago as Jason and his dad ran a marathon in St. George. I waited for them at the finish line for over an hour and got to watch so many people pushing themselves to the end. Some of them couldn't even walk so people had to help carry/pull them across the line. Others cheered them on from the sidelines, including myself, between tears.

Why did they do it, you ask? Their legs had given out and their bodies were drenched in sweat. They ran for over three hours straight in the desert's sweltering heat, but they pushed on. 

One word.


They found utter joy in their passion. They trained for hours, days, months and years to feed their passion. They pushed through injuries and pain for their passion. And it made them happy. Even when they said they would never do it again, they lied. 

All because passion is addicting. 

I have a passion for many things in life. The one that pops into my mind the most is my husband, but my words will never adequately express the deep and passionate love I feel for him. 

The second thing on my mind the most is making a difference in this world. I have wanted to make a difference for at least the past 6 years of my life. I see all the sorrow and heartache in this world and I want to help make it better. That is why I became an International Relations major. I wanted to learn about the world and then learn how to fix it. I know I can't fix all the world's problems but I can help as many people as possible in my daily life and through working for and being involved with nonprofits for the rest of my life.

I work at the BYU Center for Service and Learning where I feel passion for helping students find service and for helping members of the community. I feel so much passion for my job that I think about it way more often than the three hours a day I work. [Although I guess that is not entirely bad because my passion for my job recently got me a raise :)]

I have recently found a passion for family history. I think the connections we have to our ancestors are amazing and not to be overlooked. I never realized how little I knew about myself until I began learning more about my ancestors. What a blessing to truly understand where you come from. 

While we were in California, my passions began to dwindle as I had too many hours with too little to do. I barely found the motivation to dress myself nevertheless to make a difference in the world. But with a little time and a little perspective I began to cultivate and preen my talents. I started my food blog and began experimenting with cooking and baking. I started blogging and enjoyed an outlet for thoughts and experiences.

Truth be told,  my passions get me through the days. Finding a delicious new recipe, hunting down the best bargains, planning a party for friends, helping students at work, or researching women in development all bring me joy. They give me goals and something to look forward to when days seem longer and the moments harder.

I might strongly suggest if you haven't already, to find a passion in your daily life. Start collecting vintage combs, searching for lizards, or singing karaoke, but DO SOMETHING!
Train for a marathon, or in my case, cheer until you lose your voice for those running the marathon.

Whether you are a college student, preparing for retirement, or a young mom- find something that catches your attention and that spices up your day! 
Don't settle for mediocre or average in the humdrum parts of life and don't be afraid to be true to yourself. If you love your daily soap opera, don't fight it. We need our little passions [be what they may] to be true to ourselves and to find joy in the journey. Don't underestimate the smiles your passions will afford you on this earth. 

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  1. Thank you, Kasee, for posting this. I actually really needed to hear exactly what you said! Hope you don't mind that I totally blogstalked from Erin's blog to yours, but it was so worth it for me! Really, it was beyond perfect. Cute blog, by the way! =)

  2. Kasee, you are awesome! Thanks for encouraging us all to do our best and feel passionately about something!

  3. Loved this post! I would definitely agree that you are a passionate person and I love it!

  4. i think you're awesome kasee! thanks for your thoughts on passion! a nice reminder...xo
    momma renshaw

  5. I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but I loved this post as well!
    In the past when I've thought about adjectives that I'd use to describe myself, "passionate" has come into my mind, but I've never really entertained the thought, until the past few months. I've realized that along with being a blue personality- someone driven by their senses and emotions, comes being passionate about life! Your post made me think a little more about this and how sometime my passions even stress me out because I try to satisfy too many at time and end up overwhelmed or exhausted, etc. I liked your thought of having one thing you want to do when you wake up, or one thing to be passionate about a day. I think I need to step back and focus on one thing at a time rather than rushing through them all! Thanks for you thoughts! :)