Fall Break

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I guess I will count our last weekend trip to Seattle as a little "fall break" since BYU deprives us of those crucial holidays....

Excited for our break!
Jason and I went to Seattle for my  Uncle John's 60th birthday! We threw him a surprise birthday party and had a blast! Within the same week though, it was also Jason's birthday, Mom's birthday, Don's birthday, Erin's birthday and my birthday is next week. October is a pretty fun month!

On Friday we visited with my cousins at their gorgeous house in Seattle. Then we headed to downtown Seattle to take a ride the Duck Boat. It was quite a party, I do have to recommend it! You drive around Seattle, learning all about the history of the city and famous Seattleites before going from land to sea! (It is an amphibious vehicle-very cool).

These guys loved our duck boat. haha.

Look at that view from the boat on the water! 
We also got to see a bunch of water planes landing and taking off, very cool!

 After our duck tour we had dinner at Ivar's which was delish!

 Then we went to the famous fishing locks to see the salmon!

Saturday we had breakfast at the country Farmhouse and then headed all over town. First, we went to Deception Point where we had some great photo opps.

Did I mention my big bro came? added bonus not only cause I love him but he indulges (and enjoys it might I add) taking lots of fun photos of Jason & me

 The awesome bridge.
 Look at my mountain man!

 The videographer/photographer

Then we went downtown to my mom's favorite local store before heading to....the pumpkin patch!
My uncle's good friends own the pumpkin patch and we had such a fun time wandering around and exploring!

Jason wanted to prove how strong he is!

look how cute!

Try and tell me you don't love these colors and shapes!!

We had such a good weekend with the family! Thanks Uncle John & Mom! 
We love you and Happy Birthday!

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  1. Looks like a blast! Love your teal/green (can't quite tell what color it is from the pic) jacket. We miss you guys!! Even though I guess it hasn't really been that long since we saw you.