A Gift

Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week,  a really wonderful gift came to us. And no, I am not referring to any gifts I received for my birthday. Although this is a pretty darn good one and it arrived just the day before:

 Baby Shayla! This is our newest family member, our 2nd niece.
She was a gift for Jason's brother Michael and his wife Camie.
They have waited many years for her to come and man was she worth it!

She is gorgeous.
Born Tuesday October 19 at 6 lbs 5 ounces.
We are so grateful that Michael and Camie were able to adopt this beautiful little lady.
We know our other niece, Carly, is pretty stoked too!

She slept the whole time we hung out with her, but she was so soft and cute and cuddly.
She would smile in her sleep and look how cute she is in the BYU hat we got her!
 These are the happy new parents!
We are so happy for them, Shay couldn't have asked for any more wonderful parents than these two. 
They will have so many fun times ahead!

 Jason is pretty excited to be an uncle again too, he is a sucker for those cute lil girls!

She was so tranquil and I loved just looking at her. 

Welcome to the Thomas family, baby Shay, we are glad you joined us!
Congrats again, Camie & Michael! 
We would love to babysit anytime :)