The Leaves Are Changing

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall has arrived! The leaves are beginning to change and it brings many fun things!
We have enjoyed:
 Dinner with our LA friends Liz and Greg. She was my boss at The Race. They are wonderful, so wonderful that we enjoyed a three hour and three course dinner with them. We couldn't get enough of them or the amazing food at one of Provo's new restaurants, Communal!
 Look at this gorgeous delicious salad! Yum!
 Yummy appetizer plate. O and get the homemade smore's for dessert. To die for.
So good that I started eating it and forgot to take a picture!
Caroline and I had a sleepover. Complete with pancakes, wedding videos, twizzlers, and staying up until 3 am. haha. Just like freshman year! Soooo happy to have this lovely lady back (she has been on an LDS mission for 1.5 years in New York)
Jess & Steve had us over for Chilean Independence Day and it was so fun to hang out and eat yummy empanadas! Thanks guys!
These two are so in love.
Freshman year mini reunion! lots of my favorite people!

My stepbrother, Jonathan and his wife, Nellie have been in town and we have enjoyed several days with them! :)

Yesterday, we went to the BYU Nevada game with my parents! It was so fun! However, very very hot and not such a good game, but good to be watching football again and to hang with them.
With their snow cones
Just starting to sweat...haha
Leaving at half time cause we were so hot and exhausted. but we had fun for half!
Good ol BYU, I still love them even if they lose. Lets hope things turn around soon.
These pictures are for you-Mom, Don, and Aunt Betty!

So I don't have any pictures of the leaves changing but we did drive the Alpine Loop last weekend and it was beautiful. We look forward to our fun fall things like pumpkin carving, birthdays, Jason's marathon, visit to Seattle and Erin coming to town!

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  1. it's fun keeping up with you on your blog! it's funny you mentioned not having any pictures of fall leaves. i just posted a bunch on my blog. go check 'em out!