Half Way There

Sunday, September 19, 2010

As promised here are pictures of our Labor Day weekend trip to Idaho.

The whole Thomas family got out Saturday morning for the Pocatello marathon.
Jedd went first since he was running the full marathon at about 4am.
Jason followed at around 6 am for the half marathon.
Michael and Camie went next around 7 for the 10K.
Finally, Karen and I got up around 9:30 to cheer on the troops!

Here are Michael and Camie running to the finish line.

Here is Jason crossing the finish line for his 13.1 miles! You are half way to the whole marathon honey!

Here are all the family runners:

This day was also Jedd's bday so he got to open up all his presents and a letter from Brady (he is on his mission).

Then on labor day we went to the Bannock County Fair and it was a blast! We ate so much fried food!
Jason liked these bunnies
Karen and the mini pony
Ostrich at the petting zoo
With our foot long corndog...mmmm
Jason wasted $5 on this game. He thought he could beat it. They saw sucker on his forehead!
The famous tiger ear from Idaho!

We had lots of fun with Jason's family and Jason did so good with his half! Oct 2nd he is running the full marathon in St. George with his dad. Should be lots of fun!

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