Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lately I have been feeling particularly blessed with good friends. Maybe I am just getting nostalgic with our last year at BYU but I just feel like I have the best friends in the whole world.
William Shakespeare said,
" I count myselt in nothing else so happy
As in a soul rememb'ring my good friends."

I would just like to share a few pictures and thoughts of some of our friends & our happenings lately:

Friends all reunited for Bethany & Sean's Reception
New Roomies: Adam, Cody, Cory and Erik
Darcy & Cody
Bethany and Sean: The Newlyweds
He's my best friend! (and I just liked this picture)
Liz and Brad
With Mr. David (we missed you Elizabeth!)
Jessica & Porntepp
We have been having so much fun with all these people! 

Plus, I am particularly happy to 
have these two lovely ladies around:
Miss Caroline (formerly Sister Stewart)
Mrs. Jessica

But I have been missing these people! They are scattered around the US- busy with their lives. boo.
Sister Funch & Miss Molly
Mrs. Erin & unborn child (hehe)
Miss Angela
Mrs. Susan & Miss Laynie & baby boy inside!
Regan & Rylan
 All my California ladies & their cute kiddos
Plus all my friends from The Race!

"Without friends no one would choose to live,
though he had all other goods." 

This may seem trivial and just a laundry list to you, but I have been feeling genuinely blessed lately thinking of all the wonderful (voluntary) people I have in my life. Each of you means so much to me and I know my life wouldn't be the same without you! I love our families too but that will have to be another post! Thanks for being great friends to us! We love y'all!

Kasee and Jason (but mainly Kasee)


  1. Aww! I have been missing all our friends lately too! Love you :)

  2. Oh even though you posted a hideous but probably your only picture of me - Thank you for the kind shout out! So sweet:) I miss you guys a lot actually, thanks for a very fun year while you were here & I am so glad to see that you have wonderful friends there! We will all be reunited someday...

  3. We're so lucky to be included in this post! We too feel blessed to have you guys as our friends and thank goodness for J&J which brought us together :)