Hangin' Around

Monday, April 5, 2010

I can't say that we have too much to report but I am trying to get better at posting even when a major event hasn't happened.

This weekend we watched Conference and visited the Chino Hills Community Easter Egg Hunt where my friend Melissa was selling her cute headbands and baby bows. (Notice the 3 red flower headband in the following pictures, she made it!)

Saturday night, Jessica and I went to California Pizza Kitchen while the boys went to Priesthood. We enjoyed discussing all of our hopes and fears for our impending post graduate futures. Then we convinced the boys to go bowling with us and we had quite a good time.




Then Sunday we had the missionaries over. We love our missionaries. It was our last dinner with Elder Cox as he is returning home to St. George. I made Jason take a picture with them because I love them!

Also, this day was our first earthquake experience since we moved to CA. We slept through the last earthquake. This time we were in bed watching conference when I thought Jason was being ridiculous and shaking the bed. He thought I was doing the same thing but it was an earthquake! Everything on the walls, the blinds, and the bed were moving. It was pretty surreal. I can't say I wish to experience many more and I know Jason doesn't want to as he got motion sickness-hahahahahhahaha. 

I am staying busy being the ultimate domestic goddess- scrapbooking, cooking, baking, party planning, entertaining, genealogy etc. 

Jason is looking forward to summer. lol. 

We have quite a few major events approaching and we are excited for them! May includes Dave's wedding, my big internship event, Molly visiting, and Brady's farewell. 


  1. That earthquake sounds freaky. I'm glad it didn't bring down the place!

  2. love the pictures, haha! I'm stealing some for my blog. And hey, have you been doing genealogy at the stake center? I need to tag along with you one of these times.

  3. Conference and bowling; a weekend to remember with fondness. jt