Friendly Visit

Monday, March 29, 2010

This past weekend Dave and his fiance Elizabeth along with Cory and his girlfriend Whitney came to visit! They arrived late Thursday night and had quite a good time sleeping in our 1 bedroom place-haha.

Friday, Jason had to work but the rest of us set out to LA. First we went to the Los Angeles Museum of Holocaust. It was a nice place but pretty small. They are opening their new beautiful museum in the summer. Here are the kiddos in front of one of the signs for the museum.

Then we drove around looking for something to eat before returning to the first restaurant we saw, Wahoo's Fish Tacos. It was delish!

After the fish tacos we headed to the Getty Center. It was the most perfect sunshiney day!

I loved these upside down flowers!
I also perfected my stalking photography skills, pretty good right?

After 2 hours in Friday LA traffic we made it home. We did some shopping at the outdoor mall near us and ended up at XXI trying trendy sunglasses ;)

Then we headed home for delicious pulled pork sandwiches. See the recipe here. Then we enjoyed some hot tub time followed by I am Legend and strawberry shortcake. Great night!

Saturday morning we made a big breakfast of pepper bacon, eggs, and waffles before heading off to the beach. Again, another perfect day. These guys really lucked out. We went to Newport Beach and although the water was freezing that didn't stop these guys from going in the water. 

All the couples had a great day! 
 Even if there were a few sunburns!

No trip would have been complete without a self take of the 6 of us. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself!

Thanks for coming to visit y'all! We love you and hope you had as much fun as we did!

p.s I can't help but share this picture. Isn't my husband incredibly good looking?


  1. looks so beautiful. i seriously wish we were rich so we could come visit. carly would like the beach with auntie kasee and uncle jason.

    ps. i love you swimsuit. where did you get it? i'm currently on the hunt.

  2. i was gonna blog about the weekend but maybe i'll just post a link to yours. haha. we had a blast! thanks for hosting!

  3. True--Jason is a hunk. Good genes.

    Looks like you guys are having a good time. I forgot beaches exist since all I see is frost and fog out my office window.

  4. Good times. The weather looks so nice! jt