Redlands & Sushi!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday we went to the Redlands temple on a ward temple trip. It was my first ward temple trip and I really loved it! Having familiar faces makes the temple even more wonderful.

Also, it didn't hurt that it was another beautiful Saturday in southern California!

 Jason being ridiculous

 I loved the cute oranges on the street signs!

After the temple we went to Burgertown-delish. We stopped at the amazing Asian grocery store to pick up supplies for sushi night on the way home! We babysat our friends' adorable kids and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 

On Sunday, we had the best time making different types of Asian food with Porntepp and  Jessica. We made made sushi, eggrolls and tempura! Look at all this fun! 

 Jess & me making eggrolls!

 Porntepp rolling sushi!

Jason eating sushi with his kiddy chopsticks!

Look at our finished products!

Check out my food blog by clicking here. (Should be up by Tuesday night or Wednesday) You can see the recipes and even more photos from this Asian cultural night.

We had such a great weekend! So happy :)


  1. REDLANDS! AAAAAAHHH! I am so jealous. Of you and of Redlands for getting to see each other. Miss you! Glad Redlands treated you well and was blog-worthy :)

  2. That was Susan, by the way...

  3. Such a fun sushi night! Thanks for posting the pictures, see them on my blog soon! Oh and I love that yellow dress you wore to the temple, it's so cute!