Easter Fun!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Since General Conference fell on Easter this year we had a belated party this past weekend at the park. We ordered giant subs from Winco and people brought all kinds of treats. We had an easter egg hunt for the kids, badminton for the boys, and the ladies socialized and took the kids to the park. It was a perfect beautiful day spent with great friends! Amen!

The kids blew bubbles but I think Jason enjoyed it more than them!

Pretty bubbles!

Jess & Brittany helping James

James + bubbles = love

Natalie liked them too!

Kyla was quite a pro :)

Some of the men: Jason, Porntepp, Kent

Melissa & Ruthie sans Craig (he was studying for a neuro test-he is in med school)

Our helpers. We truly love them!

The only picture I managed to be in at the end of the day!

Sorry there aren't more pictures of real people like Brittany-the wild woman that I love. Or Anne Marie, Jason, and their cute baby Elena. Or Alison with her new baby Caleb. Things were a little hectic and pictures were difficult. Although hopefully this is enough proof that we do indeed have other friends :) 
Thanks everyone for coming-we had a blast! Don't worry I am working on another party already....


  1. glad you are having a great time and meeting some great people. though we will be happy when you are a little closer.

  2. My wife is the best party planner ever! good times!