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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well team,

We are almost there, we can almost taste it! Jason and I are in the library with only one final left each! I did well on 4 finals-then took Econ this morning and who knows how that went. less well. But all I have left now is a take home exam that I am working on all day today (my Econ exam was at 7am so I have a lot of day still!). Jason will take his last exam soon in Supply Chain Management.

Our apartment ( I will post pictures later as I left our new camera at home) is a wreck! So many boxes and junk everywhere. How we have so much junk everywhere it is ridiculous! We are only taking about half to LA so that is nice. We turned in our lease a couple of days ago, so we should be legitimate now! We found out we can paint a wall if we want so I am debating that and if so, what color? Don't worry posts and photos to follow before making such a life changing decision. This is the color on the website that I wanted but turns out you have to add it. boo.

So tonight we finish packing, and of course, watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance! Then I head off to CA tomorrow morning for Jess's wedding. I leave at 11 but don't arrive until 5pm there so I will probably be doing some reading and what not along the way. Jason and friends are loading up the big truck tomorrow and then he and Cory head out on Saturday at 6am for their man trip. Hopefully those two stay out of trouble:

The wedding is Saturday and I will get to be a bridesmaid with Susan, Erin, Taylor and all the cute girls in the family. I am so excited to see Jess and Steve and experience my first wedding since ours! (I think it may have new meaning to me :) They will look amazing I am sure.

Then Sunday, Erin and Nate are graciously allowing me ride home (woah!) to LA on their way to San Diego. I get to see the apartment this day!! I cannot wait!

Monday-drop Cory at airport and drive with Jay to Vegas. We are all staying at the Luxor and we are going to party hard (according to my brother). This will be our first time staying at a hotel in Vegas (we stayed at a friend's last time). And Vegas with Jay will certainly be an adventure! Note his current facebook picture:
I will just post our plans until there since that is enough to keep me busy for a few days!

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