7 days!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I am so excited to announce that in 7 days (8 for Jason) we will be in California! I think we are both beyond excited for 6 months of sunshine, fun, and no school! Today we started our first reading day and our preparing for finals.

Finals. They are the time to shine-and to fail. haha. It is always a love/hate relationship for me because I love proving myself if I feel well prepared, but hate when time runs out or I never understood something to begin with (always Economics). So I look forward to definitely rocking some of them-yet I pray for curves while being a bit apprehensive about others.

We are supposed to have started packing (goal = 4 boxes per day starting this past Monday). So we did 4 Monday and 0 since-big surprise right? So tonight we have a packing date and tomorrow night an actual date-our last in Provo for quite some time.

It is also our little Christmas Eve on Saturday since Sunday is our newlywed Christmas Day. We are waking up before church to have sausage and cinnamon rolls and open our presents to each other and from Jason's family. We thought we should have some us time before things get too crazy and start our own new family's traditions. Jason wants to read the story of Christ's birth on Christmas Eve and in my house we always got to open one present :) Also, we DVR'd White Christmas, so I can't wait for that!

These are some of our cute decorations-it's actually a lot cuter now-we found/acquired more cute things. But I still had to show my Tai Pan blocks-I hope to have them for all holidays some day! And now under that tiny tree there are tons of presents for us, family, and friends! It is very cheerful :)

This always makes me so happy though. I love any of you that actually read what I write on here. Believe me, I read all of yours ;)
Happy Holidays! Enjoy them!


  1. Good luck in California you guys!! Your decorations are adorable. We haven't even had a chance to put ours up yet. :)

  2. 7 days? woa. We're going to have to get your CA address to send your present to. We are horribly behind on shopping.

    We have done our own little christmas every year too. I think its important, and its fun to start making your own traditions and mixing traditions from your families. And then you get more than one christmas too! ;-)

    And good luck on finals. I actually loved finals kind of for what you said. Its a time to show what you got and it feels so good when you do well. Though, not so good when you don't. hee hee

  3. I love newly-wed Christmas decorations and building up the supply. This our 3rd Christmas together and I realized we have 5 giant boxes of stuff. When did that happen? Good luck in California. Keep us updated!

  4. Cute decorations Kasee! Believe me... I read your blog too! I can't wait till you are a little close to me in this world!

  5. LOVE those blocks... I miss Tai Pan!

  6. We miss you already. Hope finals go smoothly. Thanks for writing in your blog...love your thoughts and the updates. It's been 15 below here, LA seems like good idea. jt

  7. Good luck with the big move! You're house and decorations look really cute:)