Jason Birthday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. He has been saying for weeks that he didn't want anything big to happen, no surprises and he specifically requested to go to Carl's Junior for his birthday- crazy kid.

But let me tell you about last week first. It was horrible, school wise. Tests, papers, group projects galore. A few dinners on campus and many late nights in the library. Since we only have one car, Jason drops me off to school and picks me up from school and I never go anywhere without him, haha. Thus making surprise birthdays difficult. I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to shop at the bookstore this week in between classes and review sessions. I bought him a new BYU hat that he needed and a new wallet for his new adult job!(so he will throw away the old one that is about 10 years old with stickers on it). Luckily, Friday night, we were exhausted and Jason fell asleep during the movie so I was able to wrap his presents and make some birthday signs and notes for the apartment. He woke up on Saturday morning to find his notes and after opening his presents we walked to the farmer's market.

Sounds good right? However, as the day progressed with Conference and plans, Jason started acting weird. He was being pouty and confusing me to death. We left for Priesthood session/ Girl's night upset with each other and I was completely confused as to the cause of this spat. I texted him during dinner and told him that I wished we weren't fighting and he texted back and agreed (mentioning how it killed him to leave the house without telling me I looked beautiful :)

When I got home he informed me of how growing up in the Thomas household there was some sort of tradition involving a clown and presents and white cake. I had failed at his birthday because I knew nothing about this beloved clown thingy. We learned a big lesson from this. Jason had expectations about his birthday that he never told me about and that I would never have been able to fulfill. It was his mistake for not making me aware of them so I could make his birthday amazing. We laughed about the misunderstanding and to celebrate our new found understanding we....

Went to pirate island! Ha. We have been wondering about this place for months. It says food and arcade but you can't see inside so we have never really known what it was like. There was a live band, a pirate waiter, and good pizza o and did I mention the paper pirate hats we wore all night? It was great, exactly what we needed and a fun time.

Tonight I am being a good wife and making white cake with chocolate frosting (despite my attempts to make some grand dessert for his birthday this is all he wants!) and we are having some friends over to celebrate! We learned a lot this weekend, from this experience and from Conference, 2 for 1.


  1. Yeah for learning and communicating!! I remember someone once told Trenton and I, share your secrets, even the ones you don't realize are secrets. We're still working on it. You guys are so cute!

  2. our mom has no idea how badly she has messed us all up by giving the Birthday Clown to DI. So sorry he caused a fight in the thomas house. ha ha. Isn't marriage fun?

    PS. Pirate island?! Provo must have gotten so much cooler since we left.

  3. get over the clown. it was scary!

  4. welcome to the world of the marrieds! don't worry, we're still working on it too :)

    and i've been wanting to check out pirate island too... we'll have to go now!

  5. Happy Birthday Jason. I always think your birthday is 10-10. That is the day you were due to arrive. Your Dad thought that would be a cool date to have a birthday. You were in a hurry, so now you are a week older than was scheduled. However, you have used your time very well. We have cheered for all your accomplishments including getting Kasee to be your wife. Your wedding was the high point of our summer. Congratulations on your internship.
    Lots of fun ahead. Love, G&G J

  6. Umm Soo... that happened to us last Christmas. We were going home to my parents' house on Christmas Day, and I thought we'd decided we weren't doing stockings because he had one and I didn't (b/c it was still back home in NC). So, come Christmas Eve, I get home from my retail job pretty late, and Trevor has purchased a little stocking for me and filled it with lip gloss, earrings, candy (all my favorites), socks, etc etc all the wonderful things and I had gotten him... nothing. Except for the broken candy cane I had put into his stocking earlier that week because I didn't want it. So... talk about BAD WIFE moment. I felt terrible! He said it was fine, but it came back to haunt me about a month later during a big fight we had. Apparently it really made him feel bad. Anyway, I had one of those lessons too. And they SUCK. But they're good to learn. So, I feel your pain Kasee, I really do :) But I'm glad ya'll had fun anyway!

    I miss seeing your face. And tell Jason hi for me! :)