Late Benefits for the Worst Job Ever

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

During a six-week stay in Idaho in between semesters I had the chance, no, the privilege to spend 8 full hours working for Heinz Food Company in Pocatello, ID. The job was very competitive. First of all I got the job through a temp agency. I went in, filled out a paper, and I was ready to work the following day. We're talking high stress interviewing process. I showed up at work and they threw me in head first.

The atmosphere: The factory is set at a temperature of about 40 degrees. The machines around the different assembly lines are so loud that they require that workers wear earplugs. 90% of the workers only speak Spanish while they are at work.

The Job: The factory had an assembly line system to package their products. Our job was to package the Lean Cuisine TV dinners. These delicious dinners are made with love and care. When i got to work I was put on the line. The first tray came down the conveyor belt. A machine squirted a portion of mixed vegetables onto each tray. The trays advance to me and it is my job to scoot the vegetables over so another line member could place the chicken patty. Exciting work! Now speed this up! I spent 8 hours that day "scooting" vegetables at a very fast pace.

The ending: I called up the temp agency that day and let them know I would not be returning the following day. I collected my $54 check and went on my way.

The Late benefits: In my organizational effectiveness class we talked about the most boring jobs we have ever had. We had a contest to see who has had the "worst" or "most boring" job. At stake: a bag of Twix and my personal pride. No other job could compete with mine as a vegetable scooter. I took home the Twix and all the glory.

Moral of the story is that you never know when difficult situations will bring late benefits. It's just up to us to wait for them.


  1. That's awesome. Terrible jobs are great for building character and giving you funny stories. Congrats on your Twix victory!

  2. Hey, my job is quite similar. I scoot vegetables too. I scoot the vegetables on the high chair tray and then I try to scoot them into my son's mouth. Then he spits them out and quickly scoots them onto the floor. Then I scoot them into a garbage. It's very exciting work. Where's my Twix?