Friday, September 18, 2009

What is it about job interviews that is so stressful? If you think about it is should be as easy as going and chatting with somebody and if they think you are cool enough they let you hang out with them and their friends at work. Is that not what an interview is? They try and answer the question "are you cool enough." I guess that is what makes them so nerve racking. You have about one hour to convince someone that you are really cool and that they should want you around. You prove this by writing all the cool things you have done on a paper and giving it to them. Then they ask you about them. It is your job to make the things sound even cooler when you talk about them, without sounding unqualified or down right dumb. Hopefully in my interview today I didn't sound too "dumb." Hopefully they thought I was cool enough to be their friend.


  1. Job interviews are the worst--I have a lot of repressed memories from them. But good luck! They would be fools to not want you as a friend/employee.

  2. dude if you put it that way you're in for sure. its all about the coolness. man, i need to step up my coolness so i can get a good job

  3. I think you are cool and I LOVED working with you. I think you should write that on your little piece of paper. "Danielle LOVED working with me, that makes me cool!" You and your wife are ADORABLE!