Saturday at San Gabriel Park

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Saturday of General Conference we headed to San Gabriel Park in Georgetown in the morning to try and wear Miss Nora out before we listened to conference for the rest of the day. The Nields came along and we had fun exploring the park, the creek and the nice weather.

 Sometimes I can't stand her cuteness and sweetness!

 Just call Nora a 'kitten in the sun"

 This might be one of my favorite photos ever of these two. 
Jason is so good at exploring with her. He will climb up or down and do it over and over. There was a little creek here and they were looking at the tiny fishes. It was so sweet. 

 Matt had lots of tricks! 

 Matt climbed up all the way up this tree! I have no idea how he did it. 

 Nora loved the tire swing. Don't you ride the tire swing with your jewels on?

 My little diva! 

Just another lovely spring morning in Texas. I loved it this time with our little family and friends. :)

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