General Conference Weekend

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We had a fun General Conference weekend! General conference happens twice a year in the LDS church and we listen to our prophet and apostles speak. It's very spiritually uplifting and a great way to recharge and renew.

On Saturday we spent time as a family at the park and then watching Conference and on Sunday we had some friends over for a big breakfast (a General Conference tradition!). I made homemade orange rolls (or semi homemade I should say!) and they were delicious. We also made waffle iron hashbrowns that were pretty good too. Our friends brought lots of food and we had a nice morning. the Cavs stayed awhile longer and watched the morning session with us (or as much as you can watch with 2 toddlers running around!)

Grown men in a tiny house!

Jason's bedhead hair with 2 cute girlies! 

"Watching conference." Daddies always come up with the funnest stuff. 

Sunday afternoon we started packing for our Idaho trip that we were leaving for a few days later! 

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