March Play Days

Friday, May 13, 2016

March was full of lots of fun days with friends. We will miss this beautiful Spring weather once the full heat of summer hits!

Fun with Trey! 

I was watching these kiddos one day and someone wanted an apron (since Nora had hers on) and then they all wanted one. So I put one on all of them and look at these cute kiddos! Too funny. Shortly after these photos the boys were tearing theirs off (even though asked for them in the first place!) 

Hanging with the Macias kids while Cami had a doctor's appointment

Who needs pants? Books are more important! 

A girl obsessed with books! 

Cutest girl at Popeye's before heading to the park with friends for a picnic dinner!

Playing with bunnies

My cowgirl cook!

How sweet is this? She's rarely able to fall asleep in the car-
we try to avoid it so she gets good naps at home!  

My sweet Nora!

Just another day...

Apparently this girl is boycotting pants!

Helping set up for a church activity

Helping herself to strawberries at Sam's in the cart. 

Helping me make the meat for a church activity. She's so eager to help in the kitchen these days! It's part really fun and part a pain! haha

Nora wanted me to wear boys too. 

Friday playgroup at McDonald's when the park got rained out. Here she is with a taquito! 

She's obsessed with buckles currently so she loves to play with anything with buckles: changing pad, booster seat, car seat (it makes things take a LOT longer) 

Little friends having a snack in the kitchen

My little buds!! 

"Helping" make guacamole

Sunglasses buds 

On St. Patrick's Day the library had a petting zoo and Nora enjoyed it! 

Then we got ice cream and went to the plaza and saw Jen and Trey. A nice day! 

Just playing in our castle! 


My chick fil a date! 

Helping bake some cookies!

Cutest Sunday girl! 

Just relaxing with Olaf

Cuddle reading time with Daddy

Nora and I went to the park one night while Jason had to work and she wanted to be just like these football players running drills. It was so cute. 

We call this her "kitten in the sun" pose. She likes to lean back in the swing with the sun on her face and just relax. It's adorable.

We went to the carnival with the Macias family after their family photos I did. I wanted to ride the rides with Nora but they saw my pregnant belly and said No way! So Jason (motion sickness prone) stepped up to the plate for the rides and I think they had fun.
 Great memories eating a funnel cake too -at least for me :)

These two are the bestest buds and I love it! 

And finally...the day Nora played with the selfie stick. It was too cute. 

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