Front Yard Fun

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We spend lots of our afternoons out front waiting for Daddy and many weeknights with Daddy while he waters the lawn or we go on walks etc. They are some of my favorite moments because Nora is always happy out there and the weather is usually nice and it's just childhood in a moment to me!

I taught Nora how to hopscotch one day and even though she's still catching on I loved watching her try!

This day it was raining and she STILL wanted to wait outside for Daddy but it was worth it for these awesome humidity curls she had! 

She especially loves to play in the bird bath out front. Don't worry Jason dumps out the old water and always puts new in for her. 
Luckily no birds actually use it so it's mainly a play thing for her! Silly girl. 

An especially warm Spring day i let her eat snacks outside and play in the water. We will probably have lots of these days as summer comes! 

This isn't our front yard but I love this picture of her on Jen's steps! So cute. 

 Lion baby!!

I can't remember why we had all these accessories this day but I thought she was too cute! 

Playing with Daddy! 

Going on a "walk" where I ended up pushing this cutie instead of her pushing the cart! 

 Love my Nora! 

Hanging outside waiting for Mom to come home from garage sale-ing! 

 Enjoying her new garage sale toys from Mom!

Just doing a little run with Daddy!

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