Lake Pflugerville Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

We have heard great things about Lake Pflugerville but had never been! So a couple weeks ago I suggested we go! Turns out I picked one of the most random cold Saturdays but it was actually still great. Nora loved the water and playing with her water toys. We enjoyed a little picnic on the "beach" which is really rocky but Nora didn't seem to mind! She and Jason went up and down the "beach" and met some doggies and other kids while I laid on the blanket and tried to read (I never read any because I was enjoying watching them too much). It was just another great Saturday and I'm so glad we force ourselves out sometimes even when it's hard to find the energy or motivation but these memories are so priceless!

Cute girl headed to the beach! 

This is Doritos face. She's currently obsessed with chips despite my best efforts! 

Like father, like daughter

Saturday fun as a family of 3! 

Little hooded water girl 

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