Easter in Round Rock

Friday, May 13, 2016

Nora got several fun Easters this year! I was a huge fan of really embracing the activities since she really is just starting to be the perfect age to enjoy everything.

On Easter weekend we helped host our HOA Easter Egg Hunt/party. We hired a train, an Easter bunny, petting zoo and put out 1,000 eggs (that I personally stuffed!). We also had donuts and played at the park. It was a seriously perfect morning. Nora loved all of it, it was a nice cool morning and we got to be with our friends. We love our neighborhood and the life we have built here!

Jason and Nora ride in the train! 

The Easter bunny trying to make friends 

Jen and Trey on the train-he liked it I know! Jason gladly held Bryn while they went riding. 

Since Nora had done an Easter egg hunt last weekend she knew the drill! But this time she was smarter in that she wanted to get straight to what was inside. So she would pick up one egg and open it. Meanwhile, the other kids were getting all the eggs so we were trying to tell Nora-collect now, open later! But she didn't care-she was happy with even a few eggs :)

Of course we had to spend a fair amount of time at the swings since that is Nora's favorite place! 

"Look MA, no hands!" 

One of my favorite photos- just chatting and eating donuts :)

The big kids riding the train! hehe
My favorite ladies! We have been around a long time! #Dellwivesforlife


Nora did NOT like the Easter bunny-even though it was our friend Matt. She was very weary of him! 

Jen coaxed a smile though! Isn't this the best photo?

Matt was just one of the kids! He's so fun. 

Another day we went to Georgetown for their Easter festivities. Nora liked the bunnies. 

Again, she did NOT like the suited bunny. haha. 

And finally, Easter Sunday! We did her makeshift basket after her afternoon nap since church is at 8am and then lunch and nap. She liked her toys and again, a lovely perfect day. We had a big Easter dinner at a friends house and they had an Easter egg hunt too and Nora enjoyed ham and rolls :) We are blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives! 

Our Easter Sunday Best! I even sang in the Easter choir which was a first for me in a long time. I really enjoyed it and was a great way to really appreciate the reason for Easter. 

Nora with her little friends and apparently, it was WINDY! 
2 cute girls! 
This girl. She has my heart! 

I'm so grateful for Easter and the reminder that indeed, He is Risen! It's so wonderful to have the gospel of Christ in our lives and know that our family can be together forever. Happy Easter! 

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