April iFavorites

Sunday, May 15, 2016

All the phone favorites from April that couldn't be classified :)


A strawberry as big as her face! 
A rainy day fort, movie and popcorn with friends 

Helping me sing "Love is an open door!"- we sing this all the time in the car and I love it! 

Just "playing" in the Nields van. She LOVES crawling into other people's cars and playing. 


We read books in this corner- A LOT! 
Painting fun! She didn't really get this one...she wanted to eat/drink the water. 

Coloring with markers is WAY more up her alley and we have done this a lot lately! 

Morning snuggles in bed! 
Playing with a stick at the doctor's office 

A really fun video with Jen apparently! 
Bathtime cute girl 
Practicing her new headphones before our trip to Utah
Garage sale-ing with Cami - we found so many steals! 
"Riding" her new duck

Awesome hair by Daddy 
Reading...always reading! 
Jedi in training 
Jedi fight! 
My daily view :)
Nora LOVES baby Makaio- she loved this little cuddle session! 

Girls night at the movies! We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 
and it was cute but definitely cheesy! 
Loving her Chick Fil A cone. 

Don't you brush your teeth and have a camera on your neck?

We went to a Round Rock Express game with friends and it was so fun other than chasing Nora around a ton. haha.

Lining up all her animal friends in the bath 

We spontaneously went to the splash pad after the library and Nora started warming up to it! She wasn't a huge fan last year but with Daddy running around (in his work clothes) she liked it more. It made me so happy to see the two of them having so much uninhibited fun. 

Cheesy girl! 

Doing her daily yoga!

Helping me pick out a watermelon! 

Our lunch date at Sam's! I fed her some of my pizza and the fresh raspberries we bought

Chasing bunnies in the backyard- a favorite hobby! 

My cute donut date!

Superdad vacuuming and holding baby! 
Our first pedicure together! I was in heaven :) and Nora did so great sitting still. 
She was so fascinated as I painted her toes! 

Nora and I went to the big park by ourselves and had a nice morning before it got TOO hot and we had to go home! 
I loved this outfit! 

My happy girl- I love when she takes selfies with me!! 

Since we were hot after the park we came home and made watermelon slushies and Nora loved them! It was also a great way to use up some mediocre watermelon. 

Movie afternoon-when Mom is tired (which is often these days)

Family date to Bass Pro Shops! Nora is always in awe of all the animals

She loves the fish! 
Carrying around her fish friends
She loved these fish pillows! 
Rocking her Frozen pajamas Grammy got her for Christmas 
Beautiful sunset at the park 
Playing with her buddy Kai! 

Visiting the snake at the library

2 cute girls! Love our life together. 

Happy April! 

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